7 Self-Study Tips For IIT JAM Aspirants

A recent survey conducted in a top metro city came up with interesting results. It was seen that a majority of students who had aced the IIT exams preferred self-study rather than enrolling in a coaching institute. If you are one of the aspirants who swear by self-learning, here are few study tips that can be implemented.

Prepare in Advance

Like any other competitive exam, you must prepare for IIT several months or even years in advance. The key to success here is to study smart. Set up a timetable and mark sufficient time for revision. Practice the habit of spending few minutes on planning your schedule for the day. Make a list of your priorities, so you do not get unnecessarily distracted.

Morning hours leave little time for study as you will be busy with school or college. Plan your evening, so you get sufficient time to revise each subject.

Understand the Syllabus

When you open the pages of your book, you will notice that IIT syllabus is like a vast ocean. In order to get a good score, you must be adept in all the three subjects. Learn the important concepts first as few topics have extra weightage than others.

A typical IIT JAM paper will consist of 3 sections. Part A has one mark and two mark questions and a wrong answer attracts a penalty of 1/3 point and 2/3 marks respectively. The remaining sections do not have any negative marking.

Take up Mock Tests

Do research online, and you will find there is no dearth of mock papers related to IIT. When you begin working on a mock test paper, you get a fair idea of the type of questions asked, difficulty level and the exam pattern. Set aside time and solve each mock paper by yourself. You can later assess your score to see which areas need improvement.

You can download or refer to previous year’s question papers to get a better understanding of the questions asked.

Buy Relevant Books

You can find plenty of books to help you prepare for the upcoming IIT JAM 2018 exam. There are excellent books and authors that toppers and experts follow. Find out more about them and start your preparation for the exams.

TAR Concept

This acronym stands for the test, analyse and revise. Most of the candidates who have aced the exams with flying colours will stand by this success mantra. Take up online tests, do mock revision and solve question papers online. After solving the paper, compare the results with your answers to assess yourself. Revise those contents and work on your weak areas. It helps you remember them, and you stand a good chance to score well.

Put in Smart Work

Rather than spending an entire day in front of the book and taking occasional breaks in between, you must turn to working the smart way. Plan accordingly and allow time for study in the evening. Make pin-it notes or use mnemonics to memorise formulas or concepts.

Time management is crucial at this point, and you have to utilise your time effectively. Mark any doubts that you might have and get them cleared from teachers or subject experts on the next day.

Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to the exam preparation, you must be mentally and physically fit. Ensure you get sufficient sleep and eat a well-balanced diet. Trying to compromise on sleep or food wreaks havoc on your system, and the sole purpose of your preparation will not be met. Be focused and know what you want to achieve in life. With a positive approach, your efforts will bear the sweet fruits of success.