Is IIT JAM Mathematics A Nightmare For You? Follow These Tips And Crack It Proficiently!

Mathematics is the most difficult paper for many of the IIT JAM (Joint Admission Test) candidates. If you are planning to appear for IIT JAM 2018, then prepare rightly so that the exam turns out to be a cakewalk! Here are some tips to help you through!

Get acquainted with the syllabus

You must know what to Learn

First and foremost, you should go through the syllabus thoroughly and understand the topics you have to cover before the exam. Mark the main topics which have to be concentrated more. Prepare a timetable in such a way that more time is allotted for topics which are difficult for you. Make it a point to give time for relaxation as well. It would help in refreshing your brain. While preparing the timetable, you should also include the time for revision of the syllabus topics.

Books are the best teachers

Take their Help

Referring the right books is very vital for IIT JAM Preparation. There are many books available in the market; compare their contents with the syllabus and choose them accordingly. Some books may have information which is not relevant in the examination point of view. Ignore such portions and focus on the topics listed in the syllabus.

Practice, Practice, Practice Even More

Make this your Mantra

Mathematics is all about practice! Collect as many question papers from the previous years, sample question papers and other test sets. Practice them repeatedly so that you would get to know the pattern of the exam which would enable you to deal with similar questions more confidently and easily during the exam.

Analyse yourselves with mock tests

You must know how Smart you are

You may know the concepts, but that alone would not guarantee your success in the examination. Your speed plays a critical role! Practising mock tests is an excellent way to check your speed. If you find that the speed is not sufficient to complete the exam on time, you have to work on your speed by making use of techniques to solve the questions fast. There are many tricks and formulae which can be used to solve most questions using half the time that would be required if you follow the direct method. So, learn as many of them as possible!

Adhere to the above-listed guidelines diligently. Follow the timetable strictly so that you have enough time for revision of the topics. Learn the smart way using tricks and techniques. Appear for the mock tests with the same seriousness as the main exam. This would help in rectifying your defects so that you can approach the main exam with great confidence. Work hard with dedication. Hard work will pay off, and you are sure to come out with flying colours. All the best!