The 101 On IIT JAM You Need To Know

IIT-JAM or Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. is an entrance test for those graduates who wish to pursue a Master’s degree from some of the most prestigious institutes in India. The first IIT-JAM test was held for the 2004-2005 academic session. It grants admission into M.Sc. and any other post B.Sc. courses upon qualifying. The exam is held every year, and there are about 1700 seats vacant for students spanning across the fifteen IITs that participate in the exam.

Why IIT – JAM?

As of today, the national level exam is a collaboration between IIT and IISc. Each institute holds the examination on a rotational basis. Besides all the IITs and IIScs, other renowned colleges in the country also accept an IIT-JAM score for admissions in higher programmes. For a student aspiring to gain admission in any of the degrees given below, an IIT-JAM score is essential:


M.Sc. (Two Years)
M.Sc. & M.Tech Dual Degree
Joint M.Sc. & Ph.D
Other PG Degree Programs at IITs
Integrated Ph.D. Degree Programs at IISc

What Makes IIT JAM Special?

The exam allows admission in various disciplines of science ranging from chemistry to applied geology. The IIT-JAM to be held in 2018 is open to all nationals. Any student with foreign nationality will have to clear all the rules and regulations pertaining to international students of the Institute admitting them.

The exam will be held in the second week of February in 2018.

The forms for the same are released in Sept 2017. The result of the exam is given out in March 2018.

The conducting body of 2018 IIT-JAM will be Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The exam can be applied online. The entire test takes 180 minutes to complete.

What You Need to Know About IIT - JAM

IIT-JAM aims to offer post –graduate courses to students that are at par with the best in the world. The objective is to recreate higher Science as a viable career option for all and any brilliant student spanning the nation. With a single step, i.e.

IIT-JAM a student gets access to all opportunities offered by IITs and IISc in India.

With the exponential advancement of technology, the need of the hour is a concrete base of science academia and research. The infrastructure and educative environment of IITs provide that strong support needed by students to be pioneers of R& D. The vision of IIT-JAM is to become the yardstick for undergrad science education in the nation.