This Is What You Need To Do To Crack IIT-JAM

IIT-JAM is one of the most competitive exams of the country not only because it grants admission to the best schools in India but also due to few seats.

Preparing for IIT - JAM Exam

The first step to preparing for IIT-Jam is getting acquainted with the exam pattern and division of marks.The entire paper is worth 100 marks and contains 60 questions which have categories in three sections A, B and C.

  • The first section, A, is made of 30 multiple choice questions. They have a weightage of one or two marks.
  • The second section, B, will be ten Multiple Select Questions each worth two marks.
  • The last segment, C, will contain Numerical Answer Type questions. There will be total 20 questions worth 1 or 2 marks.

Knowing the Syllabus

The second step to preparing and cracking IIT-JAM is getting to know the in and out of the syllabus. Every topic, subtopic should be thoroughly studied by the aspirant. It will ensure that when the actual time comes to prepare and learn, a student will know for sure that s/he has covered everything. This means a student should do an in-depth analysis of the course work and syllabus before beginning to study.

The Importance of Study Material

An education is as good as the books a student use. They are the tools of learning. Therefore an IIT-JAM aspirant should only refer to highest calibre books. The third step to cracking IIT-JAM is to check for these three things before buying reference books:

  • It covers the entire syllabus.
  • Does it explain the curriculum in words that are understandable and graspable?
  • It has practice question at the end of each chapter.

Making notes for revisions at the nth hour is a good technique. A glance through these notes will help the student revise faster and quicker.

Taking Notes for Easy Reference

Step four to preparing for JAM is to make hand written notes from the books and study material of all relevant topics. Practice makes a man perfect. The same applies to studying for an entrance exam.

The last and final step five to cracking II-JAM is taking as many mock tests as possible and solving previous year’s question papers.