What’s The Most Simplified Approach To IIT JAM Chemistry? Read This!

Chemistry is an important IIT JAM paper which can be made easy by following the right strategy. Chemistry is a subject where mostly your memory skills are required than anything else, and if you have put in the right effort, this paper can fetch you more marks than other JAM papers. This article aims to give you some guidelines to score good marks in IIT JAM Chemistry.

Begin with the Syllabus

IIT JAM Chemistry 2018 has its own syllabus, and you must know it thoroughly before starting your preparation for the exam. This would help you to work on the important topics so that you can prepare a proper plan to cover the same.

Use the right Books for Reference

There is no dearth of Chemistry books which can help you with IIT JAM 2018 preparation. Many are available in the market. Sort out the right ones by comparing with the exam syllabus. You may have to refer to many books to learn certain topics in depth.

Solve Maximum number of Sample Papers

Solving sample question papers is an exercise which you must never ignore! Make it a routine to solve the sample papers after learning each and every topic. This would help to review your learning and get back to the topics if required. This exercise would also help in toning your time management talents. Collect the question papers of the previous years and practice them so that you are familiar with the exam pattern.

Do not forget these Points!

  • Prepare a timetable based on the syllabus. Allocate time for relaxation intervals and revision.
  • Write short notes during your study so that you can make use of them while revision. This saves a lot of time.
  • After the completion of each topic, take a test based on it. If your performance is good in the test, proceed to the next topics. If not, return to the issue areas in the previous topic and learn them thoroughly.
  • Approach the practice tests seriously.
  • Chemistry is all about repetitive learning till the topics get etched in your brain. But you need not be a bookworm; smart learning is the best method.
  • Make the best use of revision time. Go through the topics again and again. Spend more time on the topics where you could not perform well during sample tests.
  • Improve your time management skills by appearing for many mock tests so that you do not have an issue with time during the real exam.

Do well and bring the best Results!

A sincere and dedicated effort would definitely give you positive results. Spend your time wisely with a proper plan. There is nothing to replace a thorough preparation. Follow the methodology described here closely for preparation and score well in IIT JAM Chemistry! Wish you all the best!