IIT JEE Mock Test

About Mock Test

The mock test is very relevant to Cracking IIT JEE. Many toppers dedicate their success to professional training and taking regular mock tests. Ask any topper, and they will vouch for mock tests. Dedicated practice can go a long way in clearing JEE. Taking time and solving mock tests is highly recommended. Coaching experts take the side of the students to help them prepare for the test. The mock test gives them an opportunity to revise the syllabus. Before taking JEE Main and Advanced examinations, trainers stress on taking mock tests. The mock tests are nothing but a compilation of previous years’ exams. Our JEE main online coaching helps you to prepare well.

As the days are ticking away for JEE, students need regular practice. The question paper is structured to test the aptitude, analytics, reasoning and logical skills of the student. All JEE aspirants need to take the mock tests to excel in their examination. The best way to prepare for JEE is through practice and this is achieved through solving mock tests. The student's time skills are strengthened by taking regular tests. The mock test creates the winning atmosphere.

Why do you need mock tests?

Achieva lists out the benefits of taking mock tests.
The crucial aspect of clearing IIT JEE is time management. Many students fail in this perspective. Despite the best of preparation, students fail to complete the paper within the stipulated time. This goes to prove their lack of time management skills. The test consists of 90 questions to be solved in three hours. Unless the student improves their time management skill, this would be a herculean task. Answering the maximum questions in the mock tests will increase the chance of completing the paper on time.
Creating a real exam environment can help the student to get habituated with the setup. The fear of exam will be eliminated, and confidence will be instilled. The students get an opportunity to get accustomed with the exam pattern. It gives an idea of what happens during a real exam and be prepared to face it with confidence.
Taking regular mock test can help reduce the chances of committing the same mistake again and again. Mistakes do occur due to lack of attention or poor calculation. This can lead to waste of crucial time during the exam. The JEE Main Mock test will keep the student to be alert and help them learn from their mistakes.
The mock test is a complete revision of the syllabus. It helps to brush up the topics in a professional manner. The results help to analyse your mistakes and decide on the area of correction.
Regular practice through mock test helps to increase the confidence level of the student. It will improve the performance by giving you an idea of your strong and weak areas. The mock test builds a positive attitude by combating nervousness.
Achieva insists that students appearing for JEE take mock tests regularly. Repeaters who have failed in their previous efforts can do well with regular practice. Join Achieva crash course and take topic wise revision with mock tests in the latest JEE pattern. Systematic revision by Achieva trains students in the online format and helps them succeed in their endeavour.